Special holiday pricing on Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit and new ambassador program build on "Best Gear On The Planet" reputation

Back-country-inspired brew kit features amazing quad-jet torch and makes a strong, high-precision coffee (or tea) shot in under three minutes

Launched at this Summer's Outdoor Retailer (OR) Summer Market 2017 show where it won a Best of Show Innovation Award, outdoor-oriented gift givers can take advantage of limited-time holiday season pricing for The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit. It normally carries an MSRP of US$84.99 plus shipping, but the Bripe Kit is on sale until the end of December for $59.99 plus shipping, while the Canadian MSRP of CDN$99.99 plus shipping goes on sale for CDN$74.99 plus shipping for the holiday gift-buying season. Black Friday pricing will also be available on Nov. 24 at www.briping.com

When he chose the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe for its Innovation Award, Rick Stella, Staff Writer for The Manual and Outdoor Editor at Digital Trends, described it this way:

"An ultra-convenient and innovative piece of cooking gear hailing from Costa Rica, the Coffee Brew Pipe – otherwise known as the portmanteau, Bripe – is as easy to use as it is compact. Developed by Tim Panek and Craig Hall, the Bripe is a single shot coffee brew system capable of whipping up a tasty shot of coffee in a matter of minutes.

Lacking the bulk of most coffee gadgets intended for camping, this device is nothing more than a small silver and copper pipe outfit with a cork handle that users heat up using a companion lighter. With its integrated temperature gauge, the Bripe allows anyone to brew coffee to its perfect temperature (185 degrees Fahrenheit) before enjoying it right from the pipe’s built-in straw. What’s most impressive is that the entire brew process takes less than just three minutes.

New Bripe Ambassador Program


Furthermore, because it packs easily into a companion carrying case, the Bripe should have no trouble fitting snugly into a backpack, offering backpackers and car campers alike the ability to keep their kit lightweight."

That's right – no stove, pot or fuel source is required to make a strong and pleasing coffee (or tea) shot. With water and ground coffee, anyone on any adventure from a city park to a mountaintop can be their own barista and enjoy a high-quality hot brown drink. A Bripe brew leaves zero environmental footprint, and also provides a totally unique communal, daily ritual for people who are sharing their outdoor adventures in professionally guided or self-guided groups. 

Due to many requests by outdoor influencers seeking to try out the Bripe experience, Bripe Inc. has also announced a new ambassador program called the Bripe Piper Club. The program challenges outdoor adventurers with more than 500 followers on each of two social media channels to share photo or video posts of their Bripe experiences once a week over the course of a month. In exchange Bripe Piper Club members take advantage of a purchase price of US$49.99 including shipping – more than $30 off the $79.99 plus shipping MSRP for the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit. Contact information for the Bripe Piper Club can be found at the Bripe web site

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The Bripe™ Coffee Brew Pipe™ is an ultra-light, ultra-portable copper and silver pipe that makes great coffee in the great outdoors. No electricity, gas canister, kettle or stove. A Bripe only requires ground coffee, and water, and includes a portable butane-powered quad jet torch to produce a high-precision, strong shot of coffee (or tea).